"NANOPOWER: Nanoscale energy management for powering ICT devices" acknowledges the financial support of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme within the ICT theme of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission (Grant Agreement n. 256959).

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Board Meeting in Wuerzburg

The next NANOPOWER Board Meeting will be held in Wuerzburg.

For information on the venue and the agenda click here.

Mon, 2010-11-29 13:00 - Tue, 2010-11-30 13:00

ICT2010 Networking session on "Energy efficient ICT"

The aim of the Networking Session entitled "Energy efficient ICT: toward zero-power devices for a greener planet" is to bring together European experts at the cutting-edge of developing efficient low-power ICT devices that harvest most of their energy from the environment with a positive impact on the ICT carbon footprint for a greener and healthier planet.

The Session will take place during the International Conference ICT2010 (Brussels 27-29 September, 2010)  on 28th September 2010 in Brussels at room T 010 from 14:00-15:30.

Participation: open to all

Tue, 2010-09-28 14:00 - 15:30

Nanopower promotes the NiPS Summer School 2010 devoted to Energy Harvesting at Micro and Nanoscale


The Noise in Physical System Laboratory organized the 2010 NiPS Summer School devoted to Energy Harvesting at micro and nanoscale.

Nanopower kick-off meeting held in Perugia on August 1st 2010



On Aug. 1st 2010, official starting date of the Nanopower project, we held the kick-off meeting in Perugia at the Hotel Colle della Trinità, beautifully locate on the hills overlooking the medieval city.

The meeting have seen the participation of representatives from all the six groups that makes the Nanopower consortium.



NANOPOWER kick-off meeting

The first NANOPOWER Meeting was held in Perugia.

For information on the venue, the agenda and the documents presented please click here.

Sun, 2010-08-01 13:00 - 19:00

NiPS Summer School 2010

Summer School: Energy Harvesting at micro and nanoscale, Aug. 1-6, 2010

Workshop: Noise in dynamical systems at the micro and nanoscale, Aug. 6-8, 2010

La Tenuta dei Ciclamini, Avigliano Umbro (TR) - Italy


For information on school and workshop program,  school lectures and workshop presentations please click here.

Sun, 2010-08-01 20:00 - Sun, 2010-08-08 09:00